The world of color, The world of texture, and everything that is born and destroyed in between, challenges our perception of the visible and of the invisible.

 Hanna Perälä’s work immerses us in an intense exploration of dystopias and confrontations. Her work moves between monochromatic abstract paintings and more aggressive multicolored pieces that speak to us with a subtle and ironic determination.

 glowing lines / sharp strokes / intense drips/

delicate landscapes/ contaminating frottage/

  The relationship between colors inside her pink tone palettes is purely intuitive.

It suggests an odd and tense relationship between our surroundings and us; resembling implicitly, the complex nature of our “visible reality”.

 It emphasizes the imminent presence of a whispering violence.

It acknowledges the undeniable fragility of our dislocated mindscapes.

 Through the instinctive combination of inspiration and method inside her practice, she triggers different areas of our sensitivity and opens for us a spectrum of the lost and found leftovers of our soul.

/ Martina Mino Perez